Stay-Silv Black Flux

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Stay-Silv® Black Flux

Description: All-purpose Black Brazing Flux

An all-purpose, high-temperature flux for use in silver brazing. Formulated for applications where the work is subjected to rapid, localized heating. Particularly useful in applications where large amounts of refactory oxides may form, such as with stainless steel alloys. Use with stainless steel, carbide, heavy parts, prolonged heating cycles.

Typical Application:  Use Stay-Silv Black Flux on heavy parts, where localized overheating may occur, and where parts are heated over a prolonged period. Stay-Silv Black Flux is also suggested when brazing stainless steel.

  • Part NumberSize
    JWH01741 lb (450 gr) - 1 Jar
  • Active TemperatureAWSJ-STD Specification
    1050°F/566°C - 1800°F /982°CA5.31 Type FB3COF499 Type B; AMS 3411
  • GuideSpec Sheet